May 022012

This Polycount wiki link is primarily based on game development so you will find examples here using tris instead of quads to create the anatomy though eiether way some of the tips are amazingly spot on. I couldn’t have said it better myself :) Anyway when modelling anything you are better to think of the anatomy of the object and surface flow. Decide to yourself there is a muscle flow working underneath the surface, especiialy if you’re animatig the object, then model with this in mind. Edge loops will also make for a natural flow of faces and of skin deformation on animation. These are key to good topology for animation or even just for static modelling of surface geometry.

If you’re into 3d study this wiki in advance of any modeling…. it ios a great resource and should remind you of the importance of forethought in modeling and animation in 3d.

Feb 032012

Some beautiful 3d fractal based art here like fantastic!

YouTube Preview Image

Programme is available here to mess about with. I’ll have a run over the weekend if I have time. Open source rules!

Sep 212011

Pretty cool 3d visualisations of classic artworks. If you find it interesting you should have a quick listen to the video interview with Quayola about half way down this page: Interesting to see the tools he has created. Also at the end of the interview it tells you the programmes he uses as a basis for 3d programming and compositing. They are his tools towards an end result which is what we should consider all programmes… like a paintbrush.

Jun 242011

Here you can see the final images rendered with HDRi lighting and some random 3d objects put in place. I was just looking at shadow casting and lighting in a realistic manner. Below is the original Image.

May 172011

Well I had the guy rigged and ready from writing tutorials I thought I may as well do some animations for this wee guy. Walk cycles are one of the most important pieces of animation you will need to master when animating characters. You need to make sure that it loops from start to finish completely. This is using techniques from Richard William’s- The Animator’s Survival Kit… I keep going on about it but it really is a must for anyone studying animation. Get it now!!! Even though it’s from a 2d perspective I rarely animate anything without refering to it. You will notice some things that are different from the standard footsteps available in Max. in particular from the front you will notice the legs crossing which holds the weight more naturally… also the arms carry the weight of the character. The movements here are exagerated but are based off real walk patterns and arcs.

If you right click on the image you can turn on the loop option.

May as well get a look from different angles saying as it is 3d like…

The texture’s a bit of stand in and I can see some problems with the animation (shaky feet need fixing) and rigging (Little bit of the underarm being attached to the wrong spine link) but I’ll come back to all of that another day….

Apr 232011

Hi folks. I was asked to put together a video showing some corporate augmented reality work I had done so I thought I’d show you the outcome here. It’s a fairly simple animated scene done for a company in Dublin called OIResearch at the end of last year. I’ll throw up some more AR based videos when I get round to it showing more advanced features and interactions that I’ve worked on… just need to sit down and film it.

Apr 082011

.. modelling these Wee Guys. It’s been a while since I posted anything due to a slipped disk, San Fransisco Trip, Teaching and student supervising so I decided I might as well throw something up. I might do this kind of thing each week – kind of show what I’ve been working on that you won’t generally come across that often unless you’re in the loop so to speak.

These guys I started modelling on Wednesday past. I wanted to try and make a character to use a a base for teaching rigging and animation in 3d to the DES311 module. I kind of started freestyling in Max and came up with the wee¬† fat guy and being my over-indulgent self neglected to think of what it was being made for… It has no neck or head so to speak so as a model for teaching rigging with Character studio it wasn’t the best solution- it would work better with a character specific rig. So I kind of doctored the body of that character, lopped off the head and stuck a stand-in head there instead to give it a more bipedal structure. Des311 will be using this skinny character as their base model introducing them to rigging and animation over the coming weeks.

This is just the modelling part completedThe charatcers need to be unwrapped yet and textured and I’ll probably run a quick flit through Z-Brush with them over the next week…. but you get the picture.

Oh and I’ve been trying out some new Photoshop painting techniques as you can see an example of below. It’s just an attempt at VERY fast methods of achieving ink/watercolour style painting. I think it works okay but needs a little tweaking to make it a little more watercoloury- mess with brush wetness and dynamics in Photoshop etc. This is one of my attempts.

I also recently made a purchase of a Sony A55 with an 18/55 lens and a 70/300 lens. Nice. I’ll be posting a few images and full 1080 HD video shots from that in the next while to give you a look. An in depth review is available here if you’re interested.